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10 common mistakes to avoid when producing a corporate brochure

A well written and designed corporate brochure is an important marketing tool for your business

A poorly designed brochure will frustrate your prospects and push them into the welcoming arms of your competitors.

With this in mind, here are ten brochure design mistakes to avoid at all costs!

1: Overcrowding

There is such a thing as too much information!

As interesting as your product or service might be, trying to cram every single detail into your brochure will only turn customers off. There should therefore be plenty of white space and imagery to break up blocks of text and only the most important information should be included.


2: Missing headlines

Following on from the above, nobody likes to read large chunks of text.

Break your content into small paragraphs and use headings to highlight each paragraph.

People generally scan-read a brochure and if you don’t use headlines, they may miss the most important points.


3: Poor Image Quality

Low resolution images are the first sign of a poorly designed brochure.

Make sure you choose high-quality stock photos or pay for professional ones.

Stay away also from poorly lit, grainy and mobile phone quality photos. They will make your company look unprofessional.


4: Too Many Fonts

Typography is an easy way to liven up a brochure. However, too many fonts can create visual clutter.

Use a maximum of three fonts to differentiate headlines, main body content and calls to action.


5: Spacing

Extra spaces between lines of text or uneven margins around images may not be noticeable on a computer screen. When printed however, they will be very obvious and distracting.

Print a proof to get a true idea of your final design before pressing the print button.


6: Poor Text Alignment

Pay close attention to where the folds in your brochure design are, or you risk clipping sentences and pictures. Once again, this will make your business look unprofessional and sloppy.


7: Too many colours

A colourful flyer always looks attractive but a rainbow coloured design will look garish. You should stick to a pre-determined colour pallet; ideally using your brand colours, to help create a sense of brand synergy.


8: Spelling and grammar mistakes

Spelling and grammar mistakes are the kiss of death when it comes to marketing materials.

Make sure you thoroughly check the content before sending it to print or all of your hard work will have been in vain.


9: No call to action

It sounds simple but it’s surprising how often a call to action is not included in a brochure.

What do you want readers to do? Call for more information? Go to your website? Visit your shop?

Make it clear what you want people to do and how they should go about doing it.


10: Poor paper and print quality

Corporate brochures leave potential customers with an initial impression of your business.

Don’t skimp on materials to save a few pounds. Print your brochures on thick, high quality paper with great images and easy to read fonts and colours to ensure a polished final product.


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