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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Brand

It’s been a tough old winter this year with Storm Emma and the Beast from the East returning not twice but three times!  The 20th March officially brings the start of spring and hopefully we will start to see signs of spring soon.  Spring is also an ideal time to do a brand review and refresh or clear out a thing or two to keep your marketing strategy on message.

Here are five easy ways to spring clean your brand:

1. Get rid of the old to bring in the new

First thing first – take stock of all aspects of your marketing and branding.  From your business card, through to your website, your printed material and your social media.  Is it all on brand – or have things crept in that don’t fit.  If there are things that just aren’t working, think about letting them go to create space to try other tactics that will help drive business. It can be tough to give up on some ideas you love, but sometimes we must get rid of the old to make room for new ideas.


2. Do a goal audit

Are you keeping up with the business goals you set at the beginning of the year?  Check in with where you are versus where you wanted to be – especially as we are now approaching Qtr 2.  Have you done a quick marketing audit with your web and print materials?  Is your branding consistent across the board? Is your social media presence frequently updated, relevant and interesting?


3. Re-evaluate your audience

When was the last time you created a profile of your ideal client and target market?  Compare this with the type of client you are getting and the work that is coming in.  Do they match?  If not take a fresh look at your audience and create an avatar or persona of your ideal client and create a strategy that will attract this type of client and create a new source of business.


4. Update your offerings

In today’s world, you cannot stay still as everyone else is moving forwards you will eventually be going backwords.  Your client’s needs are evolving and changing on an ongoing basis.  Take time to step back and have a closer look at the markets you serve and study industry trends.  Are your competitors offering something you are not?  Are there services or products you could start promoting or offering to better serve your customer base?  Of course – make sure that anything you do fits with your business goals and your long-term plans.


5. Keep your social media profiles fresh and up to date

Outdated social media profiles are a common branding mistake that can be easily fixed!  Go through all your social media profiles and make sure you have a current photo, the correct website URL, and updated ‘About’ bio.  Make sure you have added any new projects or work into your portfolio or gallery.  Your cover page and header on your social media pages is ideal real estate for your business and should be update regularly.  A cohesive visual brand makes all the difference, so if you’re lacking an eye-catching logo, colour scheme, type palette, etc, there’s no time like the present to get your official brand in place!


While spring cleaning your brand you will find all the areas that are working well for your strategy and your business.  Make sure you give yourself a pat on the back for all the amazing work you’re doing! Next, think about ways you can build on what is going well and clear out what is not working.  A spring clean can help you get creative! And of course, if PPS Print can ever be of any help in enhancing your visual brand, get in touch and we are happy to discuss over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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