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Business Card Tips by Peterborough Printers

Getting the best out of your business card . . . 
PPS have been producing business cards in Peterborough for nearly 40 years and over that time there has been a lot of change regarding technology, however the principles of what makes a good business card remain the same and the reasons why they are so valuable remain the same. 
“It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it’s just a business card!”  It is still a surprise that to many companies, their business card - more often than not, the first piece of branded material offered to a new contact - is something of an afterthought.  According to Dana May Casperson, author of Power Etiquette, “It takes only three to five seconds to make a first impression, but it can take a whole career to undo it”, isn't that a sobering thought?!
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Over recent years this valuable piece of marketing material has been devalued by some large online resellers but you would not turn up to your top client in a cheap suit would you?  So why go for cheap and uninteresting business cards?
So let me ask you a few simple questions:
  1. Does your business card stand out from the crowd, does it imply that you and your business are special? You can achieve this with use of colour, material and even special finishes such as foiling.
  2. Does it represent you and your business? Are you proud to offer your card to potential customers?
  3. Is it a consistent ‘fit’ with other company material, such as brochures and website etc.? Does it adhere to your corporate identity/brand guidelines?
  4. Does it identify the nature of your business? In a few months time will the recipient remember what it is you actually do and why they have your card?
  5. Will your business card reassure potential new customers of your credibility? If you are members of an official body, you use their logo.
  6. Are you expecting your business card to drive people to a website? If so, give the website address priority over other forms of contact.
  7. Who receives your business cards? For example, if you regularly call on companies involved in heavy handling; mechanics or engineers - it might be a good idea to have your cards
    matt laminated to protect against dirt and grease etc.
  8. Why wouldn't you utilise the rear of the card? Double the ink doesn’t mean double the cost!
  9. Have you considered using a photograph of yourself? It helps people remember you! Just make sure you choose a professional photographer, otherwise you will get bored of the same joke being fired at you!
  10. What key information is absolutely essential for you on your business card?
Here’s a checklist:
Getting the best out of your business card . . .
  • Name of the business and of course, your name.
  • Address: unless you’re a multinational organisation, why would you not want customers to be able to find you?
  • Website address - your online marketing tool.  You can also now use QR Codes that link directly to demonstration videos or web pages
  • Other desired methods of contact - telephone, mobile, email , linkedin, Facebook etc.
  • The nature of your business - if it’s not in your business name then a strapline.
  • If you are supplying your own artwork, please ensure that the colour separates to specific Pantone colours for one and two colour print jobs or to CMYK for four colour runs.
  • A high resolution pdf is preferred, with bleed.
If in doubt please feel free to call us, or if you want us to help design your business card then you only have to ask!  It may not be as expensive as you think  and the impact will be.....priceless!
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