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Direct Mail Campaign Peterborough

PPS can help you create and deliver a relevant, effective and targeted campaign that will help you grow your business in Peterborough and the surrounding areas of Cambridgeshire.

In a recent survey 74% of clients say that direct mail is its most successful channel partner

And there are 97% of customers who say they prefer to receive print mail rather than email.

However, combining both an offline and an online direct mail campaign can increase your return and engagement rate by 30%.

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Why use Direct Mail?

  • Direct Mail can be used by all sizes of organisations and in all industry sectors
  • You can use creative and smarter techniques to save you money while having massive impact of your brand
  • You can combine both online and offline into a successful campaign that will personalise and target your customers for greater results

There are 5 Key Steps to creating an effective direct mail campaign -

  1. PLAN FOR SUCCESS - Failiing to plan is planning to fail
  2. DATA IS KING - Sending to the right person at the right address
  3. FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT - Get creative and design an eye catching piece of marketing literature
  4. IT'S MORE THAN JUST INK ON THE PAPER - Now it's time to put your direct mail campaign into print!
  5. LICK & STICK - There is more to postage than you might think!


Check out our page on the difference in cost between doing a campaign in house or outsourcing this.  There are savings to be made.  And our page on your final 8 point checklist to ensure you have everything in place!


DIY YOUR CAMPAIGN - Our quick guide on the cost between doing a campaign in house or outsourcing the work


8 POINT CHECKLIST - Your 8 point checklist to make sure that your campaign is all in place and is ready to go.


For the areas that we cover and the approximate leaflet distribution figures available in the Peterborough area check out our guide to Leaflet Distribution in Peterborough

Are you ready to get started and contact your potential customers with a Direct Mail Campaign?  If so please contact us on 01733 349881 or click the button below to send us an enquiry.


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