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How to ensure your direct mail marketing hits home

Because we live in an increasingly digital age, and because it can be easy for us to dismiss all the online and mobile information we’re given, direct mail can be a very effective marketing tool.

Having something ‘real’ that your customer will hold in their hands could have much more of an impact than yet another text, email or e-shot.

Here we have a selection of tips to help you put together the most effective direct mail marketing content.

Tell a tale

Consumers don't want you to go straight for their money; instead they want you to tell them a good story and make a memorable connection.

Take time therefore to think about the needs of your audience and the benefit you bring them.

As a part of this, a really useful question to challenge and test any marketing materials is to ask, ‘so what?’

Cynically asking ‘so what’ (as if you were the receiving customer) will really help you see if what you’re proposing to send out is actually going to be of benefit to them.


Keep a keen mail list

Ensure your mail list only includes customers who will have an interest in your product.

Try therefore to be targeted rather than simply ‘carpet bombing’.

For example, sending materials about roofing repair services to houses in an area that’s predominately made up of rented housing will get little or no return. Sending the same targeted information to landlords and letting agents will have a much better one.

You can also go a step further and segment your customers with different mailing lists to ensure that what you’re sending them is really honed down.


Ensure your call to action is clear

Include a call to action and make sure it’s really clear and easy to take.

If for example you want people to pick up the ‘phone and call you for more information (this is a pretty common ‘call to action’), then ensure your ‘phone number is clearly shown and that someone will always answer it when it rings.


Think about size and scale

The size and scale of your mailing is also important.

That first impression is absolutely critical and it must look and feel right.

Remember, larger sized card or envelope may need to be folded to get through a standard letterbox. Will your mailing then look as impressive as you’d like it to?


Go for minimum messaging

We’re talking here about great design and focused content (or a winning combination of words, colours and images!).

Here’s a straightforward tick list of the things you’d need to consider:


  • Header – Ensure your header or tagline perfectly sums up your offer and is brief and memorable
  • Copy – Keep your wording brief, convincing and to the point
  • Design – Keep true to your overall brand and use white space and appropriate emotive colours
  • Fonts and layout – Think also about which font is going to be most appropriate for the conversation
  • Photo – Don’t compromise on quality and do remember that the old adage ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ is never wrong
  • Call to action – As mentioned above - ensure it is included!


Make it fun

Here at PPS Print we want you to get excited about your direct mailing and have some fun too.

After all, if you have fun really getting into the head of your customers and spending time finding the right content that delights and excites them; it’s pretty likely you will be excited and delighted too.


We’re the mail out specialists

Helping our clients produce highly successful direct mail campaigns is a specialism of ours.

If you’re using direct mail as a part of your business marketing, then please do get in touch.

We’re pretty sure we can come up with some great ideas and (as we always say) we don’t charge to chat!

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