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Shhhhh – He’s starting to make his list.

Santa Whisper

It seems weird that in the middle of one of the hottest and sunniest spells we are starting to look forward to colder times and marketing for Christmas.  As I write this I am looking across the office to see Matt preparing a flyer with a winter scene and a Christmas message laid out across the screen.

There are now less than 150 days to Christmas and for many organisations ensuring that their Christmas marketing is in the planning stages at this time of the year is important.

At PPS we have already started designing our own Christmas Calendar and ensuring that all systems and processes are in place for working with companies that want to get a head start on their 2019 marketing strategies.

It may seem early but by planning ahead you will have everything customised and branded and delivered in time.  

Christmas is a stressful time and you want to enjoy your festive period and all the Christmas parties without having to add to the stress of tight deadlines and leaving everything to the last minute.

Planning and getting it right ensures that festive promotional gifts and marketing can be used throughout the year and not just for Christmas.

Here are our top ideas for you:

  1. Christmas Calendars – design and create a calendar that can be on your client’s wall for the entire year.  Our Calendars are given away each year to our clients and we are delighted when we see them hanging on the walls when we come to visit!
  2. 2020 Fundraising Calendars – why not create a Calendar for your charity or club where you can sell advertising space to cover the cost of the design and the production and sell the calendar as Christmas Gifts to your supporters.  Check out further information on our sister website of www.myfundraisingideas.co.uk
  3. Christmas Cards – order your Christmas cards early (we offer a special promotion if you do!).  Don’t leave getting your Christmas Cards delivered to the last minute – remember there are posting deadlines to work with too!
  4. Personalised Chocolates – why not gift your clients, suppliers and staff with a personalised chocolate bar!  We can arrange for personalised printing and messaging to go on the wrapper of some quality chocolate products!
  5. Wall Planners – Create an A1, A2 or A3 wall planner.  Great for marking on special dates and events throughout the year that can be highlighted and sent out.  Or add special coupons or messages around the border for your clients.  Pricing can start from as little as 16p per calendar
  6. Personalised Note Books – What is not to love about a personalise note book.  No one running off with your book and a great place to scribble and put your thoughts down on paper!
  7. Desk Pads – Part of our Christmas package that we send out to our clients is our big scribble desk pads.  These are great for taking messages, scribbling notes and just because – drawing doodles!
  8. Personalised Mugs – There are so many different types of mugs available now.  For people on the go, why not take your own personalised travel mug in the car with you.  Here at PPS in the office we have our own mugs with how we take our drinks.  “Tea with milk and 1 sugar?”
  9. Thank You Cards – Along with your Christmas Cards, why not order a set of Thank You cards for the year.  These can be used as part of your marketing strategy to thank clients, suppliers or referrers during the year.  Check out our article on “Why Printed Thank You Cards Could be your Best Marketing Tool”: 
  10. Christmas Tree Pencil – And for a bit of fun, here is our Christmas Tree Pencil.  The Christmas Tree pencil is embellished with ICE London crystals. The pencil can be sold plain or with a printed logo on the barrel.  Or we can help with many different styles of branded pens or pencils!!







Book an appointment to come and discuss with us how we can help with your Christmas marketing or your 2019 marketing strategy.


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