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Top 5 Tips to make the most of your printed material

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Using our 40 years of experience in printing, Peterborough Printing Services would like to offer this advice and our top 5 tips to ensure you get the most from your print marketing.

Tip 1
Does your text stand out? Text colour should contrast with background colour
Your text colour should adequately contrast with the background colour of your leaflets, brochures, business cards or any other print media.  If you make it hard for your customers to read, then it simply won’t get read!

Tip 2
Explain your images through good use of tag lines
Readers of your material will typically scan the page for images and their tag lines before they begin to ready the text body.  If you have invested and used the perfect photograph for your printing, unless you are adding in a tag line, your message may get lost.

Tip 3
Ensure that the layout is easily understood
Your information should be written in order. Use subheadings to organise sections and make them obvious; they could be the only thing that gets read.

Tip 4
Have a clear call to action
For your print marketing to be successful, you must include an action that you would like your reader to take. This may involve adding in a line of text about what you want them to do. Include all of your contact information at the beginning or end of your print, so that the call to action is obvious.

Tip 5
Keep the language simple - don’t overwhelm your customer with jargon!
Your brochure printing must make sense to everyone, so use simple language that is easy to understand.  Don’t use acronyms that only you understand and read through the text in the eyes of your customer.  The only exception to this tip is if your company mainly deals with other businesses that understand technical terms and need to see you using them to believe in your validity.

So follow these top tips and your printed material will be sure to stand out and if you are looking for help and advice then our team will be happy to help so call us to discuss your print.

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