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Is your print marketing strategy on point for 2019?

2019 is almost here, and no doubt you have been hearing about what the hot trends in Marketing will be for next year.  Whatever your strategy print continues to be an integral part of any content marketing strategy, allowing business multiple ways to connect with both existing and prospect customers.  Even in the digital age, printed content continues to provide value to businesses and customers alike. In fact, you might even consider it one of the biggest missed opportunities in marketing.

Here are our top considerations for using print marketing next year:

Less Competition

Did you know that print media is only used by about one in three business?  Most businesses have switched to blog posts, video, and social media for their content marketing.  To put it another way, it’s not as commonly used so it offers those who do invest in it a better chance for visibility.


Print is Trustworthy

When compared to digital media, most consumers still trust print as an honest, dependable source.  While anyone can post a blog or put information out on social media when information is put in print it is deemed more trustworthy.


Print Lasts Longer

Surveys and experience show that people hang onto printed pieces longer, so the shelf life and retention of print lasts longer than its digital counterparts.  Just look around your desk and office and check out what print material is around that you have hung onto.


Print has better retention

Studies show that people tend to comprehend what they read in print better than what they see on a computer screen, giving you a better chance of readers receiving your message the way you intended.


So, what is your print marketing strategy for 2019?  Have you got one or are you considering one?  PPS Print has been working with business owners in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire for over 40 years, so we have many years’ experience in supporting and helping put together print strategies.  The kettle is always on so pop down and arrange a chat with one of the team to discuss how you can ensure your print is on point during 2019.


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