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Advertising in Peterborough - From Concept to Design

Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, Internet, Radio or T.V.

Is your business spending 5% of turnover on marketing and advertising?

It is better to spend 3% in a well-considered, targeted fashion than 10% in a scatter-gun approach. Take advertising for example, too many organisations react sporadically to opportunities rather than creating them.

Consider the message you would like to get across, whether or not it carries an offer for instance. Take into account your position in the market and what you believe to be the market perception of your business. This will help determine concept, tone and style of advertising. The target segment may determine the media or media mix you choose, newspapers, magazines, billboards, internet, radio, TV etc. And remember - be different!

PPS have been involved in advertising programmes in all the media listed above, and more besides. We believe strongly in thought-provoking advertising, and of course, standing out from the crowd.

Before jumping in with both feet, allow us the opportunity to discuss the many advertising options available; we not only advise and design, but PPS offer to handle price negotiations and placement on your behalf. 

Call us today to discuss how.

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