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Do It Yourself Direct Mail Campaigns - Is it Cost Effective or Costly?

Producing the mailing in-house may seem a good idea if you are trying to keep your costs down and work to a budget but have you thought about all the costs associated with producing the campaign and is it actually more costly to do in house?

Here is an example of costs and how much you can save by asking us to help!  We promise to keep to your budget.


This is for an example of a  Direct Mail Campaign of a 5000 database with 3 x A4 sheets of paper:

In House Option PPS Option

5p per A4 Side @£0.18 = £1500.00

Paper = £100.00

Collating & Inserting into envelopes

42 hours @ £8.00 per hour = £336.00

Postage Cost £0.33 each =  £1650.00

Print & apply Labels = £100.00

Envelopes = £100.00

Franking time & cost?

Time unjamming/ feeding  the printer – unknown

Create & Design In House

Source data for target market

Print and Collate

Insert and personalisation of  envelopes

Distribute and send to address


£3786.00 £2447.00 + VAT
Total Saving of...... £1339.00


So there is a saving to be had in terms of monetary value, let alone the time, hassle and grief that will be spent by all of your team trying to get the campaign out.

Contact us today on 01733 349881 or email info@pps-print.com and discuss how we can help plan, design, print and distribute your campaign.

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