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The final stages

By this stage we will have your approval to proceed to print.

Artwork will have been signed off, paper specified and the project programmed into our print production.

Once print is under way, random copies are taken off press to ensure consistent quality throughout the run, however large or small. A small number of customers choose to visit whilst their project is actually on press and we try to  make everyone welcome (and aware of Health & Safety  responsibilities within a working environment).

The project will be allowed to dry before heading to finishing, which may include a sealing process, trimming, folding, laminating etc.

Throughout this process your project will be subject to our in-house quality checks.

Once we are happy with the finished product, we will deliver as agreed, to you, or direct to your customers.

And finally . . . If you wish, your artwork, or key parts thereof, can be converted to PDF or other file type for use by your organisation within presentations, internal documents or website.

Then your artwork will be archived in order that re-prints are simple and cost-effective to arrange for you at any time.

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