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Creating, Implementing and Managing Your Peterborough Brand

An organisation’s brand includes all that a customer or potential customer will experience and come into contact with.

Clearly then it is far more than a logo; it is represented in everything you do, from answering the telephone to your stationery, advertising, promotional material, clothing, colour of paint on walls, even the positioning of customer-facing furniture.

However, it’s also likely that the first impression you make on a potential customer is the visual, graphic element we call the logo.

Some companies spend tens of thousands on brand development; others simply think it a load of arty arty rubbish. Flick through any magazine, newspaper, even the Yellow Pages and see if you can guess which businesses think they know best!!  It’s a bit like turning up for an interview for an office job in scruffs.

A professionally produced identity says to the world that you can be bothered, that you treat future customers with sufficient respect to warrant a second look.

PPS, through Branded, handle this project from concept to implementation, discussing with your organisation each and every potential appearance the brand is likely to make, print, signage, dress, advertising etc.

We can also produce a corporate identity manual, detailing how the brand may be reproduced.

If you are looking for a new brand or a re-fresh of an exisiting brand then we would love to dicuss this with you and let us know via email or phone how we can help.

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