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QR Codes for Marketing

QR code and mobile marketing campaign is targeted and specific to your audience. They focus on generating leads; new and repeat business and building a database to up sell other products or services. The ultimate aim is of course to dramatically improve your marketing ROI and sales! A QR code campaign is one of the most affordable ways of having a lead generating mobile web presence.

Not familiar with QR Codes? Maybe read this first - What is a QR code?

If you advertise in newspapers, magazines or have leaflets,business cards or brochures printed regularly, then QR code marketing is something you should definitely consider.

QR codes are not only good for external advertising but the possibilities of use when you have the customer already in your business premises are vast. As an example, a restaurant may use a QR code on the table with an offer for 50% off deserts, or encourage them back with a free bottle of wine on their next visit.

QR marketing campaigns suit businesses of all industry types, from hair salons, restaurants, clothes shops, dentists and entertainment venues to commercial cleaning companies, estate agents, plumbers, financial advisors, manufacturing, events companies and a shed load more…

To create a successful QR code mobile marketing campaign, it's essential we discuss your target audience, have clear objectives and provide useful and valuable incentives to deliver a favorable user experience.

Objectives: We help you:

  • Grow your email/SMS list for future communication
  • Increase Likes for your Facebook page and raise awareness virally
  • Boost Sales

Choose Valuable Incentives—Here are a few options:

  • Enter a contest to win
  • Deliver an offer or discount coupon/voucher
  • Download a free eBook, White Paper, Menu or Report
  • A company video advert or product video demo
  • Newsletter sign up

Consumers expect more from scanning a QR codecompared to clicking a link on a website, so you should always provide an incentive. You want something from them, so give something back. We call it an “ethical bribe”.

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