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What is a QR Code?

QR Codes are a form of barcode, which can hold a lot of information and prompt different actions for the user. They are instantaneous once scanned with a dedicated reader or smart phone found smartphones. The vast majority of smartphones right now need third party apps to read QR codes but throughout 2012 we will see them natively built into the phones.

Example of a QR Code in Action: A skincare company creates a QR code to print on their leaflets. The space is limited to A5 size, so the company keeps it simple, uses their logo, brand colours, a strong headline, an effective call to action, 3 bullet points and the QR code.

Charlotte picks up a leaflet on the way to work and scans the code with her mobile. The mobile page loads up on Charlotte's phone and the company has included a high impact video, a form which captures her name and address to send her a free sample and a button which loads her phones native map app and automatically displays the location of the nearest retail location.

Charlotte is enticed by the video so she enters her details into the form, just before her train pulls up at the station, she wouldn't have carried that leaflet around with her and would have been distracted by multiple other ads during her day. Thankfully because the company enabled her to respond and act quickly, they now have her in their marketing list.

The Marketing Opportunity

So I guess you might be asking "Why should I adopt an additional marketing strategy and get onboard with this fad?" Well mobile is here to stay and this is definitely not a fad. Yes, mobile has been around for a long time now and yes, phones have been internet connected for a long time now too, but just like QR codes, its only now that the technology has matured to be mainstream and we are seeing QR codes widely used.

We believe QR codes for certain campaigns can bring your printed marketing materials to life and give you a better return on investment and the ability to measure response better.

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