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What paper options do you offer?

We have a number of different paper options for you to choose from.  See our glossary of terms for further information.  PPS Print are one of the very few The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® certified printers within the Peterborough area.  When PPS use a FSC® paper to produce your printed job you are eligible to place the FSC® ‘tick tree’ logo on your product FREE of charge with our licence number.   This will demonstrate to and assure clients that the paper used has been produced from ethical and sustainable sources


What type of ink do you use?

We use EAN ink that creates a less harmful by-product than many alternatives.  All our processes and machines have been updated to use this more environmentally friendly ink.


What is GSM?

GSM stands for ‘grams per square metre’ ie. the weight of the paper. So 120gsm is light and 350gsm paper is thick.  Lighter paper is usually more affordable.


What file formats can I send you?

We accept all file formats from your designer and the higher resolution we can receive the better print options are available.  We also have our own in house design team who are able to help with any of your requirements to make sure that your printed items are how you wanted them to look.


Do you offer help & advice?

Yes.  With many years experience in the industry we can discuss not only your print requirements but your marketing requirements as well and make sure you have a joined up campaign and strategy for your business.  We would be delighted to meet with you and be involved from the very early stages in any project to ensure that you have the best options presented to you to help with your budgets and costs.


Can you supply samples of paper for our decision?

Yes, we would be happy to supply samples of paper when discussing the job with you.  You can request this in advance, however we will always have samples available for you to view and touch.


What is the maximum and minimum sheet size you offer?

We have invested in a number of machines that will allow us to run small through to large sheet size.  We can offer business cards and A5 leaflets through to large format printing of posters and display boards. 


What is the smallest or largest print run you can do?

Due to the invention of the digital print we are now able to offer cost effective low print runs.  Ask us for what you are looking for and we will be delighted to help.  If this is from 25 copies to 25,000 copies we have the faciltieis to cope.


Can you deliver to us?

Yes, we offer a free delivery service. We can deliver to your main office or to multi site locations.  If you wish us to deliver straight to your customers then we can also offer this service as well.

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