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Five design tips for memorable print marketing

These days we’re surrounded by good quality design pretty much all of the time.

It’s all created to either make us stop in our tracks and take notice or to paint a reassuring picture we’ll want to buy into.

Did you know that the visual appearance of a product accounts for over 90% of the reason we choose to buy it?

Great presentation is therefore, a very fundamental driver when it comes to your sales process.

Here are five tips to guide you as you design your print marketing materials.

1. Use colour memorably
Colour is fundamentally important.

With a well-known brand for example, the brand colour by itself can make you think of the organisation and their products.

Cadbury’s use of their signature purple and Easy Jet’s use of orange and white are just a couple of examples.
Triggering this brand ‘recall’ is important but if you’re not an already established brand then powerful colours such as bright red are associated with passion and therefore, impulse purchases and taking action.

Pastel shades appeal to conscientious shoppers and strong and pale blues (especially with white) are seen as ‘healthy’.

Dark, cool colours create a feeling of security and reassurance. Think of the colours used in traditional Scottish tweeds for example.

2. Think about your fonts
Similar rules apply to the use of fonts and typesetting.

Think therefore of the tone of the conversation you want to have with your customer. Is it a formal, one sided and ‘information giving’ conversation or is it a relaxed and friendly two way chat?

Get a good feel for this and you’ll soon get a good feel for the kind of fonts to use. As a rough guide, you’d need no more than two or three typefaces.

As a final check, ensure it’s all very easy to read.

3. Be flexible
Take care however to ensure that everything you produce does not look too uniform. This is because once people have understood your offer, and then decided it’s not for them, they will not come back to you even when you have a new product or service.

So, whilst your brand colours and fonts should be included they do not have to take centre stage every time.

4. Get the wording right
This is of course, a fundamental part of your design and print marketing materials.

As a rule of thumb, try to come up with a killer headline, keep the overall copy brief and ensure it shows the benefit to the customer (you should always therefore, be talking about them, rather than you!).

5. Go for great images
When it comes to the best use of images you should go for something that is either a little out of the ordinary (remember, it’s all about catching the eye) or something that paints a lifestyle picture that people will really want to aspire to.

Make an impact!

Overall then, it’s all about designing marketing materials that are attention grabbing and memorable.

It’s our specialism!

Here at PPS Print our specialism is in creating highly effective marketing, branding, advertising, promotional and graphic design materials.

To talk through your requirements (or even just for an informal chat) do give us a call today on 01733 349881 or email info@pps-print.com

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