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How to proofread copy before sending off for print

You’ve spent weeks crafting the perfect copy for your new print order.

You’ve read it so many times you know it back to front.

Surely there’s no need to check it again before sending it off to design or print?

Wrong. If you don’t do a final proof read, all those valuable hours and marketing pounds you’ve spent could be in vain.


Take care and a little time

The last thing you want to see, when you look at that first copy back from the printer is a glaring spelling mistake or incorrect date, slap bang in the middle of your message.

A final check could save you a lot of money and time down the line.

Here’s our handy proofreading checklist to help you ensure your marketing materials come back error-free.


An overview check

  • Once you’ve finished the wording, leave it for an hour or so before proofreading it. This will help you spot mistakes more easily.
  • Read all the text to see if you can make it clearer and check also that the tone complements your house style and brand.
  • Look at the entire document to get an overall feel for how the words will work in the layout.
  • Run the spell check and have a last read.


Now check the detail

  • Print a copy out to proofread on paper.
  • Check for consistency of headings and fonts.
  • Check paragraph returns and use of bullet points and any other layout and formatting tools for consistency.
  • Make sure you’re consistent with punctuation and spelling.
  • Double check any phone numbers, emails, websites and postal addresses.
  • Read the copy out loud from beginning to end and mark up any amends.
  • Make any corrections and print out a corrected copy.
  • Read again, backwards
  • Read it again, slowly, out loud.
  • Give it to someone else to proofread.

Here at PPS Print we always go the extra mile to ensure that you end up with the highest quality printed materials for a cost-effective price.

As a part of this if we do spot a typo or mistake in the wording you’ve sent us, we’ll let you know before printing.

Give us a call today on 01733 349881 to talk through your requirements.

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