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Is there still a need for traditional print?

The question should probably be is there a place for print in your marketing strategy. Well of course, we would say yes. But there are some really good reasons why this is the case.

It’s a matter of choice

Digital marketing is still are relatively new media. In essence another channel to engage your customers. Which is great when you are putting together a marketing campaign but take care not to make it exclusive.

We all consume a range of media from TV advertising to printed materials and vlogs on mobile devices. So, understanding how and when your customers tap into these channels is really a building block for your marketing.

Using the same knowledge

The principles of marketing haven’t changed. You simply have a greater choice in terms of route to market. More opportunities to engage with your target customers.

Once you have an understanding of which channel they prefer you can talk to them in that context. Create marketing collateral that is relevant to their needs. Something that perhaps solves a problem or makes their life easier.

A great combination

If you aren’t creating integrated media campaigns you are missing an opportunity. Customers aren’t really exposed to just a single channel. Even sub-consciously they will see messages on different platforms.

That is the power of integrated marketing. Consistent messages and content running across a number of channels. Sometimes referred to as the ‘halo effect’. Why? Because you are seeing the same company and message in lots of different places. The whole being larger than the individual parts.

So how powerful is print?

The Royal Mail has carried out various research studies on the impact of direct mail versus digital media. In a recent report they found that combining the two is the most effective way to boost your marketing.

One particular scenario was to deliver a direct mail pack to customers before and after a related social media campaign. The results showed a 30% uplift in engagement if customers received the pack first and then looked at their social media.

Another great example is the use of websites and brochures. It’s easy enough to include a PDF on your website for customers to download the information.

But have you ever offered the option of requesting a brochure and sending one out to a customer? It might surprise you how many actually take this option because they want a physical brochure. Very portable, easy to pick up at any time and neatly stored as a reference document.

Print has its own message

Producing a quality direct mail pack or brochure will say a lot about your company. It shows you understand your customers in a digital world. You are prepared to be a bit different to get your message out there.

The personalisation is always a ‘wow’ factor. Digital can be impersonal at times. Designed to reach a large audience with a single message. Printed material will deliver multiple messages, at the same time, to an individual.

For the very reason it is a physical piece arriving on an actual desk or door mat will make it stand out. The fact it is addressed to you will also increase the level of importance of the item. Not something you want to throw away in a hurry.


So, there is definitely a need for print. It’s not as an alternative to digital media but a combination of strengths. A way to increase your marketing effectiveness.

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