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What does a winning print marketing strategy look like?

Our team at PPS have over 40 years of experience in putting together strategies for print.  Over the years business owners have come to us for help and advice.  To help you here are some ideas for inspiration to help you jumpstart your print marketing in 2019:

Know Your Target Audience

If you don’t know who you are marketing to with your print campaigns, then you are setting yourself up to fail from the start.  Take some time to understand the profile of your target market and what type of print marketing would work best for them.  Create a picture of them – what are they like? what do they do?

How is your target audience segmented and what type of print campaign works better for each segment?  For example, you may wish to do a postcard campaign work for existing customers and a brochure/leaflet for new customers.

You already have some great data available to you from your current customer base.  What is their buying behaviours, preferences, geographic locations?  It will help you gain insight into who is currently buying from you and what works.


Build Deeper Connections With Your Customers

With all the information that we are bombarded with today it is not easy for a business to stand out, however with so many businesses concentrating on digital channels there has never been a better time to use a print marketing strategy to stand out.

With the advance in technology and systems print options, like direct mail, are easy to personalize to the recipient and can help you build deeper connections with your audience.   If you have a great CRM system or data on your customers, you are able to easily customise your print to your customers interests and needs so that it gives a made-for-you vibe rather than a “mass effect.”  Just think Tesco Club Cards and Amazon!


Write Clearly and Concisely

Why is it important to make your message clear and to the point?  Nowadays our attention span is at an all-time low and people don’t spend a lot of time looking at adverts and information.  Your potential customers don’t want to have to spend time trying to translate your offer, look for hidden catches, or figure out what it is you are trying to sell them.  The adage of less is more is true in print. Short messages can be more impactful and effective than longer ones, especially since they have a better chance of being read.


Choose the Best Locations for Your Message

There are loads of options when it comes to print for locations!  Magazines, newspapers, brochures, direct mail, bus adverts, uPVC Banners.  They can all play a role in your print and content strategy.

So, with all this choice – what should you choose?  For the best return on investment it goes back to knowing your target audience.  Focus on areas and locations where you know you will have the highest concentration of the people you most want to work with.  Make sure your message is seen by the right people at the right place.


Timing Is Everything

Marketing is about having the right message to the right audience at the right time.  You may have a fantastic product and offer but the timing of when it is sent can have a lot to do with your success.  Is your promotion or product seasonal or time sensitive?  Is it in high demand at certain times of the year?   For maximum effect time your promotions for when people are most likely to respond.


Learn From Past Mistakes

What have you learned from mistakes in the past?  We don’t always get things right first time and that is ok if you learn from the mistakes.  Einstein once said that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results.  If you didn’t get the results you expected first time around - don’t do the same thing again.  Check and review what worked and what didn’t and try something new and see if that gets you the desired results.


How Will a Better Print Marketing Strategy Improve Your Business?

Will any of the above tips and tricks help you craft a better print marketing strategy for 2019?  If so, then why not give us a call or pop into our offices in Fengate and we can start a conversation and help you put them into action!


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