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Why printed thank you cards could be your best-ever marketing tool

A key challenge for any business is creating profitable, long-term customer relationships.

Quality branded thank you cards, sent out to your customers and prospects with a personal message, could be your best-ever marketing tool.


Here’s why

1: They’re emotional and memorable

A personally written and signed thank you card makes an emotional and personal connection.

And because they have lasting meaning, they’ll be retained.

After all, when was the last time you placed a folded email on your desk and kept it there for a few weeks?

Thank you cards make sure you’re not forgotten.


2: They break through the digital clutter

These days we are constantly bombarded by digital ‘on screen’ information.

And because we get so much of it, it is very easy for us to dismiss most of it.

A personal thank you card dropping through your letterbox would be a welcome interruption to all this digital noise.


3: You're not the only fish in the sea

All businesses have competitors and this means there’s always someone out there keen to win your client from you.

Expressing your appreciation for their continued business, is a great way to show your client that you’ll continue to bring them the best possible service at the right price.


4: They play a key role in your strategic marketing

Strategically planned use of thank you cards to follow up a completed piece of work (and to prepare your client for the next one) could play a key role in your growth marketing strategy.


5: They don’t cost a lot

Whilst there will be an initial design cost as well as printing and mailing costs, thank you cards are terrific value for money in the long-run.

And once your design is in place you can use it again and again.


PPS Print is here to help

So as you can see, there are many reasons why thank you cards are a must have for your future marketing

Whatever your reason, order a batch from PPS Print today.

We can also help with the design and the mail-out.

To get started call 01733 349881 or email info@pps-print.com

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